zGold-MOLPoints, an online micropayment system which sells payment credits that can be used by consumers to purchase online game credits and other digital content, including Facebook Game Cards. It can be used in thousands of online games and other digital content (available at www.mol.com), from over 2,500 game titles. zGold-MOLPoints is also available for purchase using credit cards, through online banking and at electronic kiosks in retail locations.

MOL operates in markets that are largely cash-based and offer consumers the opportunity to purchase zGold-MOLPoints in cash through our physical distribution network, which comprises chain operators such as 7-Eleven, individual retailers such as cybercafés, and aggregators such as e-bay.

MOL currently operates local websites for zGold-MOLPoints, or equivalent products for local markets, in 11 countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan and Vietnam. For game publishers, adopting zGold-MOLPoints has garnered awareness among the gaming community.

zGold-MOLPoints Direct Top-up enables you to reload your zGold-MOLPoints directly from your favourite game’s portal with your purchased zGold-MOLPoints prepaid card.

Just enter the Serial Number / PIN to top up your payment to play your favourite game.

For more info, visit www.mol.com