MOLReloads is an electronic distribution application that facilitates distribution of e-vouchers with unique PIN codes for variety of applications such as prepaid mobile airtime, purchasing of digital content including MOLPoints (an online micropayment system), top- ups for cashless payment cards, subscription of Pay TV as well as activation of gift cards and utility bills collections by using a real time infrastructure such as terminal machines, point-of-sale (POS) systems and web-based interfaces located at merchant’ outlets.

With a single integration between the merchant’s and MOLReloads’ terminal and POS system, consumers will be able to enjoy a variety of services offered by MOLReloads. This includes, but not limited to:

Services Offered by MOLReloads

Prepaid mobile airtimeFor prepaid mobile airtime, the consumer can purchase the e-voucher with a PIN code at the nearest retail outlet and able to top-up the mobile airtime by entering the PIN code into the mobile phone and once dialled and validated, the mobile airtime is automatically activated with a specific airtime value.
Digital contentFor digital content e-vouchers, consumer can purchase the e-vouchers with a PIN code at the nearest retail outlet and enter the e-vouchers' PIN code directly on the merchant's website to purchase or reload the digital content such as MOLPoints, music, online game PINs, game credits, and software.
Point-of-sale activation (POSA) Gift CardsTo activate a gift card, the cashier will scan a unique 32 digit barcode on the merchant's MOLReloads POS system and terminal. The customer would be able to use the gift card to purchase digital content instantly.
Pay TV SubscriptionAstro' subscription-free satellite TV service, NJOI offers its consumers the NJOI prepaid, a "pay-as-you watch" service. The service allows NJOI consumers to have an option to access additional channels and content by purchasing, activating and reloading the NJOI prepaid vouchers using MOLReloads at the nearest 7-Eleven stores.
Bill PaymentsThe MOLReloads terminal system allows the retail stores to perform bill payment collection efficiently. The MOLReloads terminal system scans the utility user's account details directly from each of the utility bills and upon scanning over the counter, the transaction will be completed by paying cash.
E-Top UpMOLReloads system enables users to top-up their Prepaid Mobile Airtime, MOPoints, MOLWallet, an online mobile payment application and Touch 'n Go (TnG), a prepaid electronic- cash card.
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) MOLReloads system helps to securely transmit funds from the online buyer to the online seller via the MOLPay CASH payment solution at the 7-Eleven store. Consumers can now pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for items they bought online.

MOLReloads also enables retail outlets and cybercafés to boost their revenue streams by selling pre-paid mobile airtime, e-Wallet top-ups, utility bill collections, activation of gift cards, online game credits, IDD call reloads and other distribution of digital products and services. MOLReloads enables to facilitate electronic distribution of digital and prepaid content and services through its web-based and terminal-based infrastructures. MOLReloads has been implemented in more than 2000 7-Eleven stores, 3000 cybercafé outlets, 1000 Cosway and Pernama stores across Malaysia.

Benefits for Businesses

An Integrated Electronic Payment and Virtual Currency Distribution PlatformMOLReloads enables an efficient and almost a real-time distribution of prepaid products and services through web-based and terminal-based infrastructures.
Clearly Proven its Robustness and ScalabilityThe platform is capable to handle more than 425,000 transactions per day (terminal-based) and 250,000 transactions per day (web-based). MOLReloads has been successfully deployed in major large- scale retailers like 7-Eleven, Popular Bookstores, Cosway and Cybercafés.
Easily Customisable and Flexible PlatformDelivers multi-industry implementation – Example: telecommunications, internet, broadcast, utility, retail and finance industries.
The system is easily customisable to suit the diverse needs of different industries.
Enables a Web-based Management System with Complete Audit Trail Capability The online information and real time reporting tools allows to keep valuable information and it is accessible at any time of the day and location.
The system enables the payment partners to manage and access the real-time sales analysis and information.
Rapid DeploymentEase of implementation in any operating system, environment and scalable to meet the growing demands.
Experience selling virtual currency (MOLPoints) top-up PINsEnhances revenue stream with minimal investment and hassle- free inventory
New contents to attract consumers. Encourages online shopping and the game titles on offer include some of the popular games amongst online communities.
Minimises fraud and theftA secured system that enables e-commerce transaction without having to use credit cards.
Safe and secure PIN encryption in database

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