MOL CyberCafeWatch, an Internet Content Filtering Software Made Available by MOL AccessPortal

MOL CyberCafeWatch, an Internet Content Filtering Software Made Available by MOL AccessPortal

Collaboration between MOL AccessPortal Berhad and Content Watch Inc., US

Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2005 – MOL AccessPortal Berhad (MOLAccess) has announced today that an exclusive strategic alliance between MOLAccess and Content Watch Inc. has been established. This business alliance will further enhance the needs in providing appropriate Internet content filtering tools in order to curb the social issues focusing on illicit and pornography contents surfed by the Internet users, predominantly in CyberCafes.

The presence of CyberCafes in providing access to Internet mainly for those without Internet facility at home has somehow lead to a negative perspective based on the abuse usage of the Internet. CyberCafes are generally the first point of contact with ICT for many, in particular the teenagers. The government has raised the concern on this specific issue, which has been brought up by many fearful parents.

MOLAccess has vast experience in managing CyberCafes globally, which cross over 182 countries with more than 15,000 affiliated CyberCafes. MOLAccess together with Content Watch Inc., have designed MOL CyberCafeWatch to assist in minimizing the abuse of improper usage of the Internet. MOL CyberCafeWatch software will be able to filter any unwanted sites or labeling them as inappropriate sites.

MOLAccess chief executive officer, Mr Ganesh Kumar Bangah in a statement today said, “We support the call from the Government on managing this issue specifically the Internet usage in CyberCafes. It is timely that the needs for standard guidelines implementation and proper enforcement are carried out. It would ensure a healthier growth of the industry, contributing to our national aspiration of building a knowledge-wealthy society. This exercise will also provide a more conducive and safer place for the teens and other users to patronize the CyberCafes.”

Ganesh added, “MOL CyberCafeWatch software has been screened through by the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications which has confirmed that the software does not infringe the various non-censorship laws in place in Malaysia. The Ministry also further supports the MOL CyberCafeWatch project.”

MOLAccess has a dedicated team that would process the content filtering procedures. This team will monitor, source, check and block any adult/pornographic/gambling websites within 24hours and updates instantly to the software, which will be connected to MOLAccess servers. This component of the service is important to ensure the effectiveness of the software. The software will be localized to ensure that pornographic material of local origin will also be filtered. This feature is not available in other international filtering softwares. Apart from this MOLAccess will also be conducting a nationwide educational seminars and training to the CyberCafe Owners and Operators. This software will be localized to cater for the needs and requirement of the country.

MOL CyberCafeWatch provides a suite of Internet protection tools designed to provide a more comprehensive and safe Internet experience, which focuses on content filtering services including ContentProtect. This software will effectively provide and integrate overall solution to control the accessibility and viewing of illicit contents, pornography and even gambling in CyberCafes.

Ganesh concluded, “MOLAccess would be able to send live and updated reports to the relevant authorities on CyberCafes utilization status and their activities. MOL CyberCafeWatch will be offered to existing and new CyberCafes. MOL CyberCafeWatch would be launched in mid-July. We will be imposing a minimal fee per computer per month for the software licensing on subscription basis, through our online micro-payment system, MOLePoints. MOLAccess will also be investing in relevant above and below the line advertising to promote the participating CyberCaf’s in the MOL CyberCafeWatch program.”

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The Company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 9 February 2000 as a private limited company under the name of Superior World Sdn Bhd. It assumed its present name on 8 July 2000 and was converted into a public limited company on 29 April 2002. The Company was officially listed on the MESDAQ Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the Technology Sector on 22 December 2003. The Company is a Malaysian-based MSC Status company specializing in Internet media and e-commerce, leveraging on a global network of physical outlets acting as physical media and cash-based payment collection centres for online transactions.

It operates six core programmes namely,, MOLePoints, MOLCyberCafes, MOLeSolutions, and Antennix with principal target market segment from the generation Y age group of 15-30 years old, which are IT and Internet savvy, particularly in developing countries.

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MOL AccessPortal Berhad
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Ganesh Kumar Bangah
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MOL AccessPortal Berhad
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