CROSSFIRE to Host Open FPS Tournaments at PAX South 2017

CROSSFIRE to Host Open FPS Tournaments at PAX South 2017


CROSSFIRE to Host Open FPS Tournaments at PAX South 2017

Geeks News Desk Jan. 27, 2017

CROSSFIRE to Host Open FPS Tournaments at PAX South 2017 CrossFire, the world’s largest Free-to-Play First-Person-Shooter online game, is debuting one of its first ever U.S. tournaments at PAX South 2017 this weekend, Friday-Sunday, January 27-29th. The CrossFire Tournaments are open to all to enter at booth #10290. The tournaments are sponsored by Rixty and hosted by CrossFire celebrities, GM CINDER and GM VIOLET, with awesome prizes awarded to every player.
Friday and Saturday at PAX South at booth #10290, Rixty will be sponsoring a CrossFire Casual Tournament. Matches will be played as a Free-For-All all day long and each round will have a duration of 5 minutes. There is no fee to enter and everyone who participates in the casual tournament will win a CrossFire T-shirt and a CrossFire item in-game card. The 1st place winner in each round will win the above items plus an additional special CrossFire in-game item card!

On Sunday at PAX South, Rixty will be sponsoring the CrossFire Competitive Tournament! Matches will be played as a Free-For-All, with each match lasting 10 minutes. Participants will play on Pre-loaded accounts provided by the CrossFire team. The winner of each round will advance to the next round and will be expected to come back to the booth at the given scheduled time for their next match. In the final championship round on Sunday the following prizes will be awarded:

Grand Prize Winner will receive $500 plus a Special CrossFire in-game item card, a CrossFire T-shirt, CrossFire hat and CrossFire backpack.
1st Place Winner will receive 500,000 ZP, plus a Special CrossFire in-game item Card, plus a CrossFire Tshirt, CrossFire Hat, and CrossFire Backpack.
2nd Place Winner will receive 250,000 ZP, a Special CrossFire in-game item Card, CrossFire T-shirt, CrossFire Hat, and CrossFire backpack.
Stop by booth #10290 this weekend to take photos with the CrossFire GMs and enter the open CrossFire Casual or Competitive Tournaments to win big prizes!

CrossFire continues to be the most played online First-Person-Shooter game in the world with more than 8 million concurrent users and 650 million registered players. Players can download the game at no cost over at

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